is the most effective recruitment company in the transport and logistics industry. We professionally connect employers and employees.

Our own, unique methods mean saving time, money and resources. Looking for adequate help and staff or work can be really simple and pleasant if you trust the right specialists.

At we help in defining the actual recruitment needs and business development potential through professional personnel selection and expansion consisting in opening new operations, departments and branches in Poland and throughout Europe, as well as in the inflow of foreign capital into the Polish market. 


For employers

Analysing actual recruitment needs and potential.

Advising on recruitment, team building and development as well as employer branding.

Delivering the market’s best specialists, managers and directors.

Candidate sourcing, placement and headhunting services.

Helping with opening new operations, departments and branches throughout Europe – completing whole teams.

For employees

We help to find a better job, adequate to one’s experience, knowledge, competence and skills.

We advise and support at every stage of the recruitment process. Finding a job with us is easy, pleasant and quick.


If you are looking for specialists, managers or directors in the transport and logistics industry, this is the best place you could’ve found. We help both production, transport and forwarding companies, as well as logistic operators in order to find and select the best people who fit both positions and companies. We believe that everybody can find their ideal job and every company - an ideal employee. Our role is to connect people and companies effectively.

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